12 August 2013

Similes: as easy as ABCs

We compare things every now and then. However, to make our comparison more emotional and vivid we often use similes. Simile is a figure of speech that contains as or like 

        My grandmother is as wise as an owl.
    That rock is as big as an elephant.
          At this moment I am as busy as a bee
The water here is as cold as ice.

         My husband smokes like a chimney.
   Our trip to Bali was like a dream.

There are some very common similes, for example, as good as gold, as poor as a church mouse but... we can make our own similes. If we want to describe something big, elephant is not the only comparison. Think what image would be associated with something very large, really enormous and compare it. A lot of people say as big as a whale, as big as a house

There are quite a lot of similes in English. You can find a list of them here and here.
To help you remember a whole bunch of similes, sing and have fun with Lenka.
If you don't remember how we make any kinds of comparison, go to this easy exercise. You'll enjoy it even more if you're a fan of Harry Potter.
Another exercise with similes is here
Want more practice? Go here 

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