6 November 2013

Personality Types

How much does your personality change when you go online participating in various forums and chat rooms? Who are all these people you're involved in a hot debate with? Check this personality guide from Mike Reed, who made a great effort to enlighten us on who is who there.
Here's the foreword from the author:
"Some years ago, a calm and quiet discussion forum that I belonged to erupted into a burning flame war. While the forum burnt, I amused myself by drawing caricatures of the main participants. Over the years, the list of online fighters has grown into the Flame Warriors - the different personalities we become when we go online."

A big thanks to my colleague Sofia (uslteacher) from Eslprintables for putting it up on the forum. Cheers! 

And now it's time to meet your online reflection and that of your opponents

Sincerely Yours, Coffee Clutch!

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