30 September 2013

What is beauty?

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, in other words the perception of beauty is subjective.
Do you agree with it? Can you think of examples?                     

Watch the first video and answer the following questions:

What is a matter of concern for the girls from the video? Why?
Why do they have a low self-esteem?
What can be done to help them?

If your friends tell you you're getting fatter and fatter, would you take it for consideration?  

2.   Watch the next video and answer the following questions:
Who is the man drawing and why is he drawing the women without looking at them?
Who are those women?
How many portraits of the same person did the artist make? Were they the same or different?
Why are the portraits turned out to be different? 

Would you like to try it? Describe the way you look like to yourself and then ask your friend to describe your appearance. Any difference? In what way?

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